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Performance Coaching


How to create a culture of competitors that breeds champions.

Whether you are just starting your coaching career or looking to take your team to the next level, this is the professional training that you have been dreaming of.   We have spent years helping teams achieve their goals all over the world - from middle school to professionals of multiple sports - now we are ready to teach you our coaching secrets and the science behind it all.


Winning is not an art, it's an algorithm.


Our proven methods go beyond the scoreboard and help you get 'under your player's helmet' to upgrade not only your coaching abilities, but to change the culture of your program. 


This training is flexibly designed and tailored so that we can effectively teach both novice and experienced coaches of different sports and different age/ability levels. 

Training is Available Year Round

Designed for all sports, all ages.

Training Available

for 1-1000 People

Best Part, We Come to You!

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Performance Coaching

Led by National Champions
Since 2010
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Upcoming Seminars:

All currently scheduled seminars are privately booked and not open to the public.  Please contact us to schedule a seminar in your area.
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Football Player


Learn how to understand your player's personality types to 'get under their helmet' and coach them to the next level.

Celebrating Goal


Discover how to create a culture of competitors that breeds champions, on and off the field. This is coaching that goes beyond the scoreboard!



Master how to tweak your existing drills and warm ups to create leaders at every level and inspire every player to step up & take initiative! 



Managers, &




Who is

this training

designed for?


Athletic Directors

Assistant Coaches



Preparing for Workout

Training Methodology

Winning is not an art, it's an algorithm. 

Our training methodology is divided into 'Competitive' & 'Outcomes' based training.  These can be scaled to both the individual and/or a collective group or the entire team at any given time that's appropriate for the goals set forth. 

Competitive Based Training recognizes that we all perform differently, and that each player will have different needs depending on sport, position, ability, goals, etc. 

Outcomes Based Training is simplified by what you are trying to accomplish - how many, how much, or how fast - All focused on the end goal. 

Again Competitive vs. Outcomes - we want to teach teams not to win but to succeed.  This creates a moving target and reinforces that what won last week, will not necessarily create the same result next week.

The Competitive Outcomes' Training Methodology creates a formula of

Skillset + Mindset = Success

Team Putting Fists Together In Huddle
Sport Tactics

Coaching Foundations

We begin by showing you how to develop your athletes from the inside-out (mind - body - spirit). 

Simple but powerful psychology is used to bring everything full circle, showing you the difference in player personality types and what is most effective for each in order to maximize player performance. 

Tactics &

Our training courses have always been far more than teaching theories and ideas. We want you to experience how we put these concepts to work with real examples and hands on exercises. 

Our goal is to show you how to incorporate new strategies into your existing routines to run more effective practices that create results and have a greater purpose. 

Girls Soccer Team with Coach

Certificates of Training

Recognition for participants with Professional Development / Continuing Education Credit 

Included with all of our coaches training courses are a signed certificate of training for each participant, with Professional Development Hours / Continuing Education Credit for the training.

Follow On Support

This seminar is just the beginning, not the end of what we include for your players to thrive!

First off, you can video record every bit of training from our instructors!  We want you to have the material to look back on and to use during training in the future and stay sharp on the skills you learn! 

Plus for a full year after training you'll have total access to email or call us with any questions or updates.  Send in videos, get advice on your players performance. All of it! Your success is our success, so we are committed to doing everything we can to make it happen!

This all comes standard! 

Team Talk

Bill Owen

Mr. Owen has been traveling the world for the last decade training some of the most elite teams around. This includes National Championship sports teams, Government Agencies, executives, and Special Operations Forces. He has developed a unique and practical approach to teach leadership at all levels and create a culture of competitors that breeds champions. 


Dr. Jeff  Coggin

Dr. Coggin is a retired United States Air Force Officer with over 20 years of coaching a variety of youth sports and teaching elite leadership at all levels in the military.  Over the past several years, Dr. Coggin has been teaching leaders how to identify and utilize personality types to maximize player performance. He holds a PhD in Human Capital Development.



“Very organized and decisive. Training was top notch. Excellent work all around. Thank you so much for everything, hope to have you back in the future.”

SFC Ryan Joseph

Platoon Sergeant, United States Army 3rd Infantry Regiment "The Old Guard"

“Outstanding instructors, true professionals. This is one of the best training programs I have been involved with in my career.”

 Micheal Froio

Bridgewater State University 

“Even after coaching for 20+ years, these trainers from Competitive Outcomes taught me new and innovative ways to teach and coach our teams in order to achieve maximum performance (from the players). I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to make their teams competitive at the national level.”

Xavier Sandoval

James Madison High School (Texas) 

“The trainers were very professional with the team and very good coaches. The outcome of the team and their progress was amazing. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Sgt. Craig Burke

United State Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon

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