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Our Story

There isn’t anyone out there who is serious about competitions that wants to leave with 2nd place when 1st is an option. Drill lives and breathes in a world where perfection is the standard but excellence is tolerated. Drill opened our minds and taught us how to operate and thrive in any environment. 

We formed this company in 2010 with some of the world’s best instructors and a dream. Now just a few years later we stand here as the world leaders in military drill excellence, training thousands of drillers each year from around the globe. We train teams to become the Elite of the Elite, they then go forth and dominate all levels of competition – local, state, regional, national, & international. 

Teams come to us with a desire to work hard, we teach them to work smart. There is a method to the madness and a way to beat the system. Our training techniques are unique and far outside the box. We gather information with experts in the fields of psychology, statistics, and sociology to bring you a methodology that has proven results. Different things might appeal to different areas and cultures, but excellence is the universal language. Competitive Outcomes strives to help you speak it fluent. 

Are you ready to come train with the champions? We are ready to make you one.

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Are you ready to come train with the champions? We are ready to make you one.

Bill Owen, Founder & CEO

Training Staff

"Iron sharpens iron."

Our training staff/cadre all come from a wide variety of drill team & honor guard positions that truly represent the tip of the spear. All drill team trainers have National Championship titles on their resume, and all honor guard trainers are subject matter experts (SME) in their field, having worked at the highest national and international levels to include ceremonies for Heads of State.


Founder & CEO

Bill Owen

Mr. Bill Owen is a Jacksonville, Florida native who is widely considered the world’s leading expert in military drill & ceremonies training for both drill teams and Honor Guards. His talented and unique approach has been used to train tens of thousands of trainees, not only in the United States, but also internationally at the request of foreign governments to revamp or form their national ceremonial drill units and honor guards.  Bill is also a subject matter expert (SME) for military, police, fire, EMS, and other Honor Guard units worldwide.  In the United States, he has trained the US Army 3rd Infantry Regiment "The Old Guard", trained and choreographed the US Army Drill Team, and has also trained members of the US Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon and the US Navy Ceremonial Honor Guard.    


Mr. Owen has judged National, International, and World Drill Championship competitions.  He has also served as an event supervisor, event director, and competition director for these competitions and developed the first real time and live scoring  software for drill team competitions.


It is his well-rounded, scientific, and unique perspective that forms the skeleton of all of Competitive Outcomes’ techniques and strategies.  Bill’s work has directly contributed to well over 50 National, International, and World Championships for both drill teams and Honor Guards, an achievement that is unparalleled. 


The lessons that drill & ceremony teach as well as the mission of the Honor Guard are things that Mr. Owen truly believes in. He has said time and time again that they shaped him into the man he is today.  Training others in these skills and seeing their progression is his true passion.


Bill has earned degrees from the University of North Florida, the University of Central Florida, and the Federal Emergency Management Institute.   In the past, Bill has sat on the International Association of Exhibition Drillers’ Board of Governors, the Military Drill Hall of Fame's Board of Directors, and the Drill Nation Board of Directors.  Mr. Owen currently serves as an event supervisor for Honor Guards of America & National Honor Guards Day.

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