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"Training You to be THE ELITE of the ELITE".

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Our Story

Founded in 2010, we have become one of the most trusted training companies in the world.  First specializing in Military Drill Team & Honor Guard training, we have expanded greatly over the last decade to include all levels of leadership training & development, small unit cohesion, full spectrum performance and sports coaching, outdoor recreation, event management, tactical & functional marksmanship, and security.  


Our mission has always been to bring you the most relevant training available – taught by our instructor staff whose real-world experience and credibility are second to none.  The Competitive Outcomes’ approach blends this experience with explanations developed in partnership with experts in the fields of psychology, statistics, and sociology to bring you a training methodology that has proven results.  These tactics are flexible and replicable for a wide variety of applications - by design.  


Our unique training approach has been used by national championship winning sports teams, the most elite ceremonial military units in Washington, DC, Special Operations Forces, local/state/federal law enforcement agencies, Fire/EMS departments, business executives, and by foreign governments & militaries.


As Seen On

Bill Owen competitive outcomes

Are you ready to come train with the champions? We are ready to make you one.

Bill Owen, Founder & President


Training Staff

"Iron sharpens iron."

Our training staff/cadre all come from a wide variety of drill team & Honor Guard positions that truly represent the tip of the spear. All drill team trainers have National Championship titles on their resume, and all Honor Guard trainers are subject matter experts (SME) in their field, having worked at the highest national and international levels to include ceremonies for Heads of State.


Founder & Director of Training

Bill Owen

Mr. Bill Owen, a native Floridian, has a globally recognized reputation as a distinguished leader in specialized military and first responders training. Known for his uniquely energetic and data based approach, Bill has provided training to thousands of individuals, both domestically and internationally. His expertise has been sought by foreign governments, US military branches, Special Operations Forces, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, EMS, and federal agencies to sharpen their technical and tactical competencies in a multitude of topics that all come down to small unit cohesion and leadership in dynamic environments.


Bill is widely considered one of the world’s leading experts in military drill & ceremonies training for both Honor Guards and competitive drill teams, where his career started.  He has worked with renowned teams, including the US Army 3rd Infantry Regiment "The Old Guard," the US Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon, and the US Navy Ceremonial Honor Guard - focusing on creating and enhancing their performance standards. His vast contributions to the sport of competitive drill teams have led to a multitude of National, International, and World Championships.


In addition to his military training prowess, Mr. Owen has played an instrumental role in various levels of small unit cohesion, sports coaching, and leadership development. His work in sports psychology and performance training techniques have been transformative, contributing significantly to various championships and helping both athletes and coaches reach their peak potential.  Clients have ranged from youth sports to Olympic level coaches.


Passionate about the lessons he teaches, Mr. Owen's drive is fueled by witnessing the growth and development of those he trains. He firmly believes these principles of honor, duty, and a desire for perfection have molded him into the person he is today.


Bill holds degrees from the University of North Florida, the University of Central Florida, and the Federal Emergency Management Institute. He has served on numerous boards and governing bodies, utilizing his skills to enhance standards, safety, and solid training techniques.

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