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Since 2010


After closing down our in-person training operations for most of 2020 due to the pandemic, we have begun traveling and conducting training missions again.  Our Sumer 2021 calendar is filling up fast!


In addition to CDC guidelines (face masks, social distances, small group size) we have gone above and beyond to meet any local, state, or department/district requirements.



We have had to reschedule dozens training missions due to the pandemic, should you book a training mission and it needs to be rescheduled for these reason, we will honor all payments and discounts for at least the next two years.


Worldwide, the best drill teams and Honor Guards share many things in common - precision, bearing, perfection, and Competitive Outcomes training.  We call those that train with us 'The Elite'.  They dominate competitions, and captivate audiences wherever they go. After working with us, these elite teams don't just go to a competition and win a trophy; more often than not they walk away with all of the 1st place trophies. 

Our unique training has been used by national champions, the most elite military units in Washington, DC, federal agencies, and by foreign governments.

Our mission, since being founded in 2010, is to bring you the most relevant drill and ceremony training available.  Taught by our instructors whose real world experience and credibility are second to none.  


With our drill team, Honor Guard, and leadership training programs, we offer elite training to a wide variety of military, first responder,  and paramilitary groups.  These include Cadet programs, JROTC, active duty military, police & fire departments, EMS, foreign militaries, and government agencies. 


Training ranges from beginners through the most advanced levels.

Who do

we train?

Drill Team



Focused on JROTC

& Cadet Programs

Whether you are just starting a drill team or looking to take your team to the next level, this is the training that you have been dreaming of.    We have spent years helping teams achieve their goals all over the world. Additionally, as trainers of drill competition judges at the highest levels, we know exactly what is required to win anywhere. 

Focused on Military

& First Responders

Whether you are just starting an Honor Guard or looking to take your team to the next level, this is the professional training you have been seeking.  We have spent years helping teams achieve their goals all over the world. Additionally, as trainers of some of the most elite units in Washington, DC, we know exactly what is required to get your unit as sharp as the tip of the spear.  This training is custom designed so that we can effectively teach both novice and experienced groups. 



Training You to be THE ELITE of the ELITE


“Very organized and decisive. Training was top notch. Excellent work all around. Thank you so much for everything, hope to have you back in the future.”

SFC Ryan Joseph

Platoon Sergeant, United States Army 3rd Infantry Regiment "The Old Guard"

“Outstanding instructors, true professionals. This is one of the best training programs I have been involved with in my career.”

Captain Micheal Froio

Bridgewater State University Police Department

“Even after coaching drill teams for 20+ years, these trainers from Competitive Outcomes taught me new and innovative ways to teach and coach our teams in order to achieve maximum performance from the Cadets. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to make their teams competitive at the national level.”

Master Sergeant Xavier Sandoval

Multi-time Army JROTC National Champion

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